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Not just a bracelet, the VAdala can be used in many other ways:

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Just for fun, what type/shape of VA are you?

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Precise VA - Atom

Prosperous VA - Infinity

Hungry VA - Plate

Blooming VA - Butterfly

Roaming VA - Wheel

Entertaining VA - Vase

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Giving VA - Challice

Thirsty VA - Glass

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Loyal VA - Dome

Leader VA - Crown

Artistic VA - Lotus

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Timely VA - Hourglass

Global VA - World

Orderly VA - Cosmos

Unique VA - Alien

Found a new shape/type of VA? Email Us and we will add to the growing VAdala list.









Introducing the VAdala ...

The First Official Wearable Symbol For Successful and Aspiring Virtual Assistants, Their Clients, Family and Friends who support VAs!

Let the world know YOU are a VA and that YOU support the VA industry

Wear of Display The VAdala
Proudly in Your Office!

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VAdala-cize yourself with the VAdala!

What is a VA?

"A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-trained independent entrepreneur who provides a myriad of business support services via the Internet to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide."
~ Virtual Assistant Networking Forum (VAN)

What is a VAdala?

"VA" is an acronym which represents a Virtual Assistant and "dala" is a Sanskrit word meaning part, division, community and connection.

Put the two words together and you get the "VAdala", (pronounced V-A-dalla with an emphasis on V-A), a global connection to help further promote the Virtual Assistant community.

The wire VAdala is versatile just like a VA and can be played with as a toy or stress reliever, used as a bracelet, hair ornament, candle holder or used for many decorative accents.

The VAdala is fashioned from VA-violet colored fiber optic crystal glass beads specially entwined into a three dimensional durable stainless steel wire design.

An incredible amount of time went into choosing the final color of the beads for the VAdala so it represented the Virtual Assistant industry. The fiber-optic beads are representative of the many virtual clients the VA works for whereas the VA-violet colored beads have significant color meanings to the Virtual Assistant as well. This color combination of blue and purple to form a VA-violet color means ambition, stability, versatility, independence, trust, loyalty, wisdom and wealth which are all representative of highly developed traits a respected and successful VA would have.

The VAdala will also sooth the mind, decorate the body and satisfy the soul of a Virtual Assistant helping them become overall more productive and successful in their virtual businesses. The royal VA-violet set against the silvery entwinements will provide a VA with a constant reminder of the many riches in their life and help to potentially attract new ones too while yet providing a sense of safety and security wrapped around their arm.

The VAdala is the first official wearable symbol for aspiring and successful Virtual Assistants.

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Need 15 Reasons to Own a VAdala?

  1. To show the world that you are an ethical VA by wearing your VAdala visually as a bracelet or hairpiece so others can comment on it. This will give you the opportunity to explain that it is a VAdala and what it means to own one. A great opportunity to present your elevator speech, promote your business and hand out your business card.
  2. Having your own personal VA shows you are a smart and successful business entrepreneur who knows the value of leaving the little stuff to their VA so they can take on the work they do best at. Let your ego shine at your next networking meeting when someone tells you how much they adore your bracelet since you can tell them it is your VAdala and how important your VA is to your business!
  3. Meeting a client unexpectedly? Wrap your hair up quickly in a bun and secure it with your VAdala for a polished and professional look in a hurry.
  4. Keep your children occupied and quiet playing with the VAdala while you are on a long distance phone call with a client and require no interruptions for a few extra minutes.
  5. Play with the VAdala at your desk and use it as a stress-reliever during those difficult moments in the day when you need to breath deeply and regroup. Your VAdala will help you reduce stress and stimulate your mind while you morph it into over 40 different designs! Help turn on your creativity button!
  6. Hang it in your office window and watch it sparkle prism-like in the sunlight as the wind revolves it around. Let it be a visual symbol and reminder to you that you are an ethical Virtual Assistant.
  7. Manipulate your VAdala into a bowl shape and set a small crystal clear glass bowl or small cup inside it. Fill with colorful candies or mint treats for unexpected visitors to your office.
  8. Morph your VAdala into a wire mess basket and keep your elastics or other small office essentials all in one place handy and accessible for you on your office desk.
  9. Schedule a moment, even if just for a few minutes, from your busy work day to spend some quality time with your child/children. The VAdala’s many shapes can be used to tell stories. Morph the VAdala into a crown, set it on your daughter’s head and then tell her the story of Cinderella.
  10. To remind your children to knock first before they enter your office instead of rushing in disruptively like many children often do, try this trick: First explain to them the importance of professionalism in your office when you are dealing with your clients. Then invite them to play a game with you to help you achieve this. Whenever the VAdala is slipped over the doorknob outside, they must knock once and wait for you to come open the door. If you don't come immediately (because you are on the phone with a client) they are to play with the VAdala and see how many shapes they can make it into. When you open the door, you must try and beat how many shapes they did. Winner gets a kiss!
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  11. Shape your VAdala into a butterfly and set it on top of your monitor or on a shelf in your office as a visual reminder to uphold the VA ethics. This may be especially useful as a visual reminder when trying to please a difficult client from time to time.
  12. Put the VAdala into the “plate” shape and use it as a decorative and sturdy holder that helps prevent knockovers for your pop can at your desk.
  13. Next time your lover is waiting for you to finish up your current VA project so they can spend romantic time with you, pass them the VAdala, smile seducingly at them challenging them to a “Special Night of Their Choice” if they can manipulate the VAdala into 40 different positions. This will give you a few minutes to finish that project for your client and keep your lover occupied while you finish it!
  14. During your lovers “Special Night of Their Choice” set out a few VAdalas and arrange scented candles in each of them to create that romantic atmosphere. It will also be a faint hint to your lover of how they beat your challenge (see #13 above) and how this night is especially for them!
  15. Last but not least, buying a VAdala for a fellow VA or a client of yours to thank them for the small business/friendship things will help globally support virtual assistants worldwide.

Profits go towards keeping the VAN forum ( for successful and aspiring Virtual Assistants globally FREE!

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Durable and of high quality these VAdalas are guaranteed against breakage.

Each VAdala comes with illustrations of many of the shapes that you can make plus a copy of the VA Ethics below you can frame and display in your virtual office.

Ethics of a VA
by VAN Members

  • We promote the Virtual Assistance industry with the utmost professionalism and give of our knowledge freely to new and existing VAs and the general public.
  • As Virtual Assistants, we will maintain the highest ethics and honesty in all dealings with clients, colleagues and the general public.
  • We will seek to deal with colleagues, suppliers and employees in a fair and equitable manner, and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to bring credit to the Virtual Assistant profession.
  • As highly ethical Virtual Assistants, we only take on projects that are within our abilities. If a project is not within our ability, the client will be notified immediately and we will provide recommendations for other highly skilled Virtual Assistants.
  • Client information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with others or used for personal gain.
  • We highly value each client relationship and will not place one client above another.
  • We will make a commitment to possess and increase the required knowledge, skills and training to be proficient and relevant in the provision of services.
  • We are honest about our intentions and never misrepresent our skills, peers, or our profession as a whole, whether to networks or to prospects, clients, and the community at large (virtual or otherwise).
  • We will not knowingly be a part of any illegal or unethical activity.

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VA Organizations/groups that promote ethical Virtual Assistants, please email us for sponsorships for contests, doorprizes, etc. of the VAdala at your next Virtual Assistant event or conference.

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Affiliates, feel free to download our full color brochure to help increase your sales. You can even use the full color brochure included with the VAdala to rubberstamp your company name on and sell or give to clients to help promote YOU and the VA Industry. Great at tradeshows or VA conferences!

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