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The Search Engine Marketing Kit: How-To Binder + CD
by Dan Thies
Easy-to-understand instructions in non-technical English; Handy binder for convenience and easy reference; Great for search novices or training new staff (or yourself). Saves you thousands in training new staff. More Info ...

The Art of Follow Up The Art of Follow Up
By Jamie Lee Mann
Do you struggle with follow up? Are you unsure of which method you should be using to follow up with your potential clients? Are you afraid of following up with prospects because you don't know what to say? Do you think you'll be seen as a nag if you contact someone too often? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this book is for you! More Info ...

The Virtual Assistant's Guide to Marketing

The Virtual Assistant's Guide to Marketing
by Michelle Jamison

If you’re a new Virtual Assistant just starting your business or an experienced VA who wants to breath new life into your business, this book is a definite must read! In The Virtual Assistants Guide to Marketing, you’ll find fundamental ways to market your practice while exploring the VA approach to marketing, based on key relationship building concepts. This guide contains practical information that can be implemented immediately in your business. More Info ...

By Aaron Wall

Learn everything about Search Engine Optimization in this 256 Page e-book. It covers everything like SEO, pay per click marketing, conventional marketing, conversion tips, copy writing, usability, web history, and web design. This book gives you tips about other web related issues helping to ensure your marketing techniques are more holistic and will stand the test of time. SEO is also covered in exceptional detail, offering everything from keyword research, to site submission, to on page optimization, to link building. More Info ...

What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense
What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense!
by Joel Comm
"A battle-tested AdSense Manual that picks up where Google left off, handing you the secret keys to multiplying your Google AdSense income with a series of lazy, 10-second tweaks!" More Info ...

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords
by Perry Marshall

How to Double the Customers on your Website in 30 minutes or Less, with Google AdWords... And Beat the Learning Curve, FAST. Already Advertising on Google? Get 70% or More Visitors, for Less Money than You're Paying Right Now. More Info ...

Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results
Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results
by Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffery Eisenberg
"Years ago, the famous marketing theorist Theodore Levitt pointed out to the rail barons that they were in the transportation business, not just railroading..." More Info ...

Internet Marketing Sweetie Course
by Alice Seba
Internet Marketing Sweetie teaches people like you and me to get ahead in the cutthroat world of online business – all by being nice to people. This isn’t just some flimsy ebook. This course includes audio, transcripts, workbooks and step-by-step instructions to teach you to be an Internet Marketing Sweetie.
More Info ...

Affiliate Marketing Sweetie
by Alice Seba
Are you tired of all the “miracle” Affiliate marketing software and products being peddled out here? Have you ever bought a piece of software that promised you quick Internet riches, only to find the software produced garbage to spam search engines – likely to get you banned from Google, Yahoo and MSN?
Yeah, me too. The good news is there IS a way for you to make it in affiliate marketing without taking out a second mortgage on your house or spending all your time chained to your computer. And thank goodness, you don’t have to fall for any of these shady programs again. More Info ...

Affiliate Manager Sweetie
by Alice Seba
If you've thought about starting your own affiliate program or already have a program that's not living up to your expectations, this is going to be good news for you. It's no secret that running your own affiliate program allows you to recruit your own sales force that you don't have to pay until they produce results. That's a great deal - but how do you ensure sure you ACTUALLY get those affiliates that produce results? Sometimes it's not so easy
but Alice Seba has it covered for you in her Affiliate Manager Sweetie course that has been dubbed the "Step-by-Step No-Fluff Guide to Affiliate Management". The title is certainly well-deserved. More Info ...

Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

Online Networking for the Newbie
By Angela Smith
This e-book is an in-depth guide to building strong business relationships through web-based forums. It was written primarily for those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of online networking, but it also offers practical and powerful tips for those who want to take their online networking efforts to the next level. The e-book covers the how-tos of setting up your forum profile correctly, avoiding 20 of the most common forum faux pas, becoming a well-respected forum member, connecting with fellow forum members, and developing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships online.
More Info ...

Give to Get Marketing Solution
Give to Get Marketing Solution
by Joe Garcia
A must for every business owner! Everything you need to know to attract customers to your business, so you can sell a lot more of your products or services!

Discover how to get your phone ringing off the hook, systems small business owners use to add thousands of dollars in sales, sure-fire ways to attract customers to your business like a magnet, how to get more referrals than you've ever thought possible, and much More Info ...

Give to Get Marketing Solution

Making Dollars Out of Cents
101 Tips For the Frugal Marketer
by Heather Jacobson

Discover 101 marketing ideas that won't break the bank! Includes specific examples, over 100 links to additional resources and information, Inexpensive or free marketing ideas for all business types plus proven methods that work! More Info ...


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